For many children, their first encounter with classical piano music can be a life-changing experience. Increasingly, these introductions are made possible because of The Bachauer’s Music In Our Schools program.

This innovative program has made an impact on thousands of children across Utah by pairing world-class pianists with local schools. These premiere talents perform intimate concerts for the students upon a Steinway grand piano.

After this experience, many children and teenagers walk away with a newly-discovered passion for classical music. They become better listeners, which, in turn, improves their overall academic studies.

Some even decide to formally study piano, filling the world with beautiful music for years to come. We believe that participation in this program has the power to change the lives by showing them what can be achieved through talent, practice, and commitment, and by instilling a desire within them to seek out the elevating effects of beautiful music.


The Music In Our Schools is truly a program unlike any other.

“Bachauer offers our students a front-row seat to the artistry that has been achieved through talent, practice, and commitment.”
-Ben McAdams, former Salt Lake County Mayor


“The more exposure our students get, the better listeners they become. It flows over to attention to their academic subjects.”
-Adam Eskelson, Salt Lake City School District Fine Arts Administrator

More and more, people are learning about the world from the comfort of their own home. The Gina Bachauer International Piano Foundation joins this new era of virtual education with Piano Inspirato, available at no cost on YouTube. In these fascinating videos, world-class pianists take us on intimate journeys inside their favorite pieces, share their passions, and explore moments of genius that make classical music truly exceptional. Each episode is a fast-paced 30-minutes, engineered to teach young music enthusiasts about the brilliance of legendary composers, and help them become inspired by the passion and dedication of concert pianists.
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